Get Internet On Your Laptop Everywhere You Go

Your ultimate solution for portable wireless internet

Meet a Humble Hero of the Internet Connection

Get an all-in-one pocket-sized WiFi solution for secure and reliable internet from anywhere. As a

USB VPN modem hotspot, the nect MODEM delivers fast data to your laptop, ensures

a secure internet connection, and is capable of sharing WiFi with up to 10 other devices.  

Enjoy flexibility and choose your best no-contract data plan thanks to built-in
e-SIM technology

How to get internet
while traveling?

No need to pay mind-numbing charges

for roaming to get internet while traveling.

The nect MODEM has a variety of international data plans,

making it the perfect portable WiFi device for travel.

Slip the nect MODEM in your pocket or luggage.

Its tiny size and light weight

make it the ideal travel companion.

Simply select a regional or global data plan

and only pay for the GBs you use.

International WiFi use has never been so easy!

A tiny lightweight nect MODEM will
never make you hesitate if there is a
place for a travel modem in your

Local data plans

Reliable & Uninterrupted Internet
for when it matters most

Laptop internet anywhere

Make WiFi dropping on your laptop a thing of the past. Get a personal WiFi device for your laptop and enjoy an uninterrupted internet connection without risking your privacy or security.

Easy to set up

Get our 4G USB modem up and running in minutes: just attach the nect MODEM to your laptop and choose a convenient data plan in the APP. Enable the built-in VPN service with a single click.

Freedom of no-contract internet

Use the nect MODEM as a travel device to enjoy fast and secure internet anywhere in the world. Activate the e-SIM with your data plan in any region, no matter your country.

Stay on Top of Your Productivity

with a Secure and Reliable 4G LTE Connection