Slow WiFi Speed Sucks. Here is What You Can Do to Speed Things Up

Nov 19, 2020
by Yaryna Myrka
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Slow internet speed may turn even the calmest person in the world into the one who throws the router out of the window. When you work remotely, look for some information, play online games, or perform any other things — you want to enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

With millions of people worldwide using WiFi every day, no wonder that “how to increase internet speed” is such a hot topic. If your provider can’t give you a hand and solve this issue, consider a few efficient tips on how to fix everything on your own.

If you — like many people all over the world now — want to improve productivity while working from home, you need to fix the problem with the slow WiFi speed immediately. The first step is to determine the possible reasons for connectivity issues.

Try to talk to your internet provider to make sure that you pay for the internet package that you need to meet your connectivity expectations. If the situation doesn’t improve, then pay attention to other factors that influence your internet connection.

  • The router positioning: The distance between the access point and the device you use may cause slow speed. Physical barriers like floors and walls can also affect the signal.
  • The technology: Your router may be outdated and not supporting modern high-speed 4G connection
  • The number of gadgets that are connected to the access point: Too many connected devices means slower internet for all.

You will be able to enjoy a quick speed of WiFi connection if you make sure that all these factors are taken into account. Here are some efficient tips to boost wireless speed.

You can watch movies, enjoy favorite games, run data-heavy applications, communicate online, upload high-quality pictures, and perform even more actions with a faster WiFi connection. These simple steps will surely help you get what you want without constant expectation of loading or crashes.

Several objects may contribute to the slow wireless connection: floors, walls, ceiling, and other similar obstacles. If you want to boost the WiFi speed, you should place the router in the open spot in your house, avoiding walls and obstructions. A perfect position is above the furniture, off the floor.

Besides, make sure the router is far away from other electronics like baby monitors, kettles, microwave ovens, etc. Try to change the position of antennas — one horizontally and one vertically. These simple but effective actions may result in a better wireless connection.

The best way to boost your WiFi speed is to use the latest hardware since the technologies change quickly and new portable internet solutions are emerging. They enable faster speed and lower latency.

In addition to these benefits, a portable LTE modem allows you to stay connected to the rest of the world wherever you go, either within or outside your home. Thus, you may perform all necessary tasks everywhere and not worry about the unsuitable location of the router enjoying reliable and uninterrupted internet from any location.

Performing several actions at once like playing online games, streaming videos, making video calls may impact the quality of the internet connection. Hence, if you want to enjoy a good WiFi speed, you need to limit the number of devices that are connected to the access point.

Looking into routers’ unique features may help too as some routers let prioritize the tasks in accordance with their significance. For example, you can download files later but not while having video calls.

Always check whether your wireless router features the latest updates to its drives and firmware. While some models require adjusting the settings manually, others can boast a built-in update process. For example, choosing a portable modem, you will not have to clutter the mind with stuff like settings or updates.

Nothing irritates more than a slow internet connection that makes people waste a lot of time. It doesn’t matter whether you are a consumer, a startup, or a small business that relies on wireless technologies, you can try to change the situation.

While not all factors are in the area of your control, still, you can try to do some things to boost your WiFi connection. In case the communication your internet provider didn’t bring any positive changes, try to follow simple tips that have been mentioned above to improve the WiFi speed. If multiple people are using their devices at the same time connecting to the same router in your location, schedule your use of devices, or consider buying a personal portable Internet device.

Wireless technologies were created for making the person’s life more comfortable, so do not agree upon a bad quality connection and do steps to boost it.

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