Top 10 Cool Wifi Devices and Services of 2021

Sep 09, 2020
by Arkadii Kvashuk
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When you hear the term “WiFi device,” the first thing you think about is probably an Internet router. However, nowadays, hundreds of gadgets use wireless technology to bring value to our lives. Here is the rundown of the most useful WiFi gadgets for home and travel alongside some zany and entertaining devices with smart WiFi technology. 

nect MODEM: Fast and Secure Internet Connection Anywhere

Lightweight USB nect MODEM attaches to your laptop and thus gives you the freedom to work from anywhere enjoying fast, secure, and reliable internet connection. More than that, portable LTE modems are easily among the most versatile and cool WiFi gadgets out there. Thus, if you need it, your 4G nect MODEM easily becomes a car WiFi device or a portable WiFi device for travel. 

Due to the use of the latest technological advancements, a winning design, and active contracts with internet providers in 113 countries and territories, nect MODEM can confidently claim to be the best portable WiFi modem, as well as the best travel WiFi device

Smart Wifi Technology for Internet Renting

With LTE quickly replacing home Internet, the times of scarcity are coming to an end. Nowadays, the broadband connection has become so affordable that you probably use only a fraction of the traffic you buy without even knowing how much it will waste. Now, thanks to the smart WiFi technology, you can put that surplus to good use. Several apps allow you to list your home router or 4G WiFi portable modem as available for rent and take back some of your monthly fees.

Smart Video Doorbells

Don’t let its name deceive you: this wifi device is not just a doorbell. Not only does it serve as a surveillance camera, but it can also alert you when somebody approaches the door and, due to the Internet connection, allows you to communicate with the visitors from anywhere using your phone. These gadgets can also work with locks and alarms systems, making them the ultimate security solution for households.

Windowsill Gardening Wifi Devices for Home

If you find horticulture relaxing but feel overwhelmed and frustrated when struggling with your potted plants’ watering schedules, a smart gardening pot is the wifi device you need. Smart pots are equipped with sensors that track humidity levels and sunlight intensity and support customizable schedules to satisfy the most exotic plants. Finally, we can leave all the tedious gardening chores to wifi gadgets – not much ado for smart machines.

Smart Sockets with WiFi Support

A socket seems like there’s nothing particularly smart to it – you either plug something into it or don’t. Well, you’d be surprised how much you can do with it once this wifi device is connected to your home network, from tracking your energy usage to schedule on/off cycles to controlling your smart assistants such as Siri or Alexa.

Mailbox WiFi Gadgets for Home

There was a time when mail was sent on actual pieces of paper. Then the miraculous technology known as e-mail came along, sapping all the charm out of it. Now we’ve finally come full circle thanks to the home wifi gadgets that control your phone’s snail mail. These smart mailboxes notify their owners about new deliveries and provide remote access to trusted persons.

Music Streaming Light Bulbs

Music players and smart light bulbs sound like things that couldn’t be further apart. Still, there are ways to bring even more to the table by combining them. Wifi-enabled music streaming bulbs pack all sorts of visual effects to add to your synesthetic experience. On top of that, they come with neat bonuses like extending the reach of your 4G LTE USB modem and strengthen its signal, which is indispensable for large households.

WiFi-Enabled Smart Home Hubs

With homes becoming filled with all sorts of cool wifi gadgets, the abundance sometimes leads to frustration instead of convenience. This is where a smart home hub comes in handy. This Bluetooth wifi device supports various network protocols, allowing you to control every last aspect of your living space from one spot. Whether you are after safety, security, or comfort, a smart home hub is one of the best wifi gadgets, you can get your hands on.

Travel WiFi Device: Smart Suitcase

Keeping your luggage in check while traveling shouldn’t be a problem once you entrust it to a suitable wifi device. Smart suitcases offer a host of useful features, from alerting owners about their luggage being opened to tracking its location to serving as a USB charging station. In combination, these features set them alongside the portable USB modem as the indispensable mobile wifi device for travel.

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Aerial Wireless Internet Network

As widespread as the Internet is, it’s far from ubiquitous. There are still plenty of regions where even the fastest LTE modem will bring you nowhere. Fortunately, many solutions to this issue have been put forward in the last years, such as Loon’s high-altitude balloons network. In the age where Internet access is considered a human right, projects like this truly stand out among hordes of coffee wifi device gimmicks and similar novelties.

Inspired to try one of these? What wifi device seems like the best idea for you? Please share in the comments! 

All illustrations are created by Lucy Ivanova, a chief creative officer at nect.