Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for Digital Nomads

Jan 08, 2021
by Sophie Zoria
Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets for Digital Nomads

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely while traveling the world. And it’s not just a type of occupation. It’s a lifestyle that presupposes being a citizen of the world and being ready to pack all the possessions in a comfortable backpack and head to a new exciting destination.

Nomadic lifestyle doesn’t accept any discomfort people normally associate with working during the travel. As a digital nomad, you should be ready to work on top of your productivity while being anywhere in the world. The following 10 must-have gadgets for digital nomads will make you perfectly equipped for that.

1. Powerful Lightweight Laptop

The core gadget you will need to organize your digital workplace is a laptop. Needless to say, it should be powerful, easy to bring to a nearby cafe or a beach and adding just a little weight to your travel luggage.

While we now prefer to travel with tablets and smartphones that allow handling multiple tasks on the go, they are not enough if you plan to take up a digital nomad lifestyle and earn a living as a remote employee. Thus, a laptop is a must-have investment.

2. Portable Internet Device

A reliable and secure internet connection is the main pain of digital nomads. Connectivity issues put at threat important deadlines and online meetings, while the use of public WiFi is a security hazard for valuable corporate data that professionals might have the right to access.

Thus, another must-have gadget for digital nomads is a portable modem or a WiFi hotspot. Some of the solutions like the newly introduced nect MODEM will not only allow flawless connectivity anywhere in the world but also ensure close to domestic prices and a VPN service.

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3. External Hard Drive

Data is precious and it is important to take care of its storage in advance. A few digital nomads work without any external hard disk. Still, it is also beneficial to backup the files to an online disc space too, in case the hard drive is damaged or lost. iCloud, Google Drive and Google Photos are all good solutions for this purpose.

4. Power Bank

A power bank is a real lifesaver for those who need to stay connected during the long travel time or in areas where power supply may be interrupted. This is why it is another indispensable gadget in the nomad’s backpack.

Portable chargers vary in terms of power, size, and weight dramatically. Digital nomads prefer those models that don’t add up too much weight but are enough to charge a laptop and a camera in case of urgent need.

5. World Travel Power Adapter

Power banks are the solutions to have “just in case”, as you will plug in your devices to charge them most of the time. There may be some issues with that too though: you will probably be surprised to see how much plug sockets may vary from country to country. Thankfully, a power adapter designed for world travel will keep you on the safe side.

6. Noise-canceling Headphones

Working from home, cafe or a public space may be quite challenging due to the unavoidable noise distractions. Even in your favorite peaceful coworking center, there may people having online meetings that you will unwillingly attend to. Thus, noise-canceling headphones is definitely a great gadget for every freelancer to have.

7. Adjustable Laptop Stand

Working at a computer on a daily basis has a high toll on your physical health. Unfortunately, a proper desk or an orthopedic chair is often not an option for digital nomads making matters even worse. Thankfully, there is another gadget that may help.

An adjustable laptop stand can help you find the best position either in the hotel room or in the hammock. In the choice of a specific model, weight, again, is a principal point to consider.

8. Drives and Cables Organizer

With so many gadgets to have handy, you risk being buried in cables and turning your working space into a mess. Electronic organizers will help you both carry and comfortably position your portable modem and charger, external drive, cables, and USB sticks all in one place.

9. Travel Backpack

Efficient packing is one of the top skills each frequent traveller masters sooner or later. This is why travel backpacks are among the top essentials for digital nomads to acquire.

Looking for one, consider airport requirements to the luggage size and weight, anti-theft features and waterproof qualities of the material. Multiple compartments and backpack organizers would also be a huge plus. Not to mention the embedded solar batteries turning your backpack into another portable charger to use.

10. Water Purification Gadgets

In many countries, tap water is perfectly drinkable. In others, it can cause severe health issues. Thus, another hack from experienced world travelers is to have a portable water purification system. With just a tiny device, you can stay assured you drink quality water no matter where life takes you.

Final Thoughts

It is exciting to think about all the great gadgets that make the digital nomadic lifestyle so much more comfortable. If you have already embarked on this journey, consider collecting all top 10 must-have gadgets. If not, let our list inspire you to overcome fears and give it a try.

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